f a c e ' l e s s


“Soon after we can see,
we are aware that we can also be seen”

                                                     - John Berger

FACE’LESS is an ongoing part-documentary, part-fantasy photo essay that explores the changing nature of reality brought about by technological advancements in our society. We live in a visually saturated hyper-digital surveillance society where it is nearly impossible to remain anonymous, and its fascinating to think that the same tool – the camera – which was first used to create ones identity or sense of existence is now used to steal it.

Moreover, technological progress has allowed us to create an almost seamless interface between the virtual and the real that it almost feels like we experience life through a digital lens as much as we do our own. The likes of SnapChat Face filters and the more recent Pokeman Go, are prime examples of the duality of reality that exists today in popular culture (however rudimentary the application may be). Thus I wanted to explore an expanded notion of documentary photography, whereby layers of augmented reality /meta-reality exist in parallel to physical reality to represent life as its exists today


Selection of 12 images from the series