AlterVision |  Chennai Photo Biennale, 2016

Curated by Harsha Biswajit



The camera has evolved from being a purely mechanical tool for depicting reality into an everyday act of seeing and being seen. In such a visually-saturated surveillance society where everyone and no-one is being watched, AlterVision explores the nature of images whether staged, appropriated or made in the real world, and how they inform us of our experience of reality. The artists explore an alternative or expanded vocabulary of image making within contemporary photography through experimentation and critical inquiry, where the real and surreal, old and new intertwine to form an alternative vision of society. The body of works presented in this exhibition engages with issues    surrounding contemporary culture, specifically focusing on identity and privacy.   


“In the end, we all seek the truth”

- the anonymous observer


Gallery View

Public Installation

Wall of Forgotten Photographs, Iteration1 


Participants were asked to share an image from their phone, print and stick it on the wall. The only criteria being, there should be a face in the photograph.